This medicine works to stimulate your insulin secretion and reduce the amount of sugar in the blood.
Your pancreas is still producing and secreting insulin, but it is not working well.You can’t control your condition with oral medications alone.
So, you need insulin injection.
This is your insulin injector.
Did your doctor tell you how to use the insulin injector at home?
No, he didn’t.
I see. Then I’ll explain how to use it.
Every time you use insulin, there are 4 important steps.
Prepare the Flex Pen, disposable needle and alcohol swab.
Wash your hands. Clean the rubber membrane with the alcohol swab.
Shake the pen up and down gently more than 10 times.
Prime the syringe to remove the air.(after turning the dial 2 units)
Each time you inject, change the area.
Did your doctor tell you about low blood sugar?
Yes, he did. But I don’t know exactly.
I will explain about it.
If you have low blood sugar, you may feel very drowsy, confused or have the chills.
If such symptoms occur, take this glucose immediately.


今日はザイロリックという(痛風の)新しい薬が出ています。 Today you have a new medicine called Zyloric.
これは体内で尿酸の生成を抑えます。 This medicine will reduce uric acid production in your body.
結石が出来ないように毎日水分を多く取ってください。 To prevent urinary stones from forming,take plenty of water every day.
使用済の針はこの容器に捨ててください。 Please throw away the used needles in this container.
使用中のインスリンは涼しいところに保存してください。 The insulin you are using should be kept in a cool place.
使用前のインスリンは冷蔵庫に入れて保管してください。冷凍しないでください。 The unopened insulin should be stored in the refrigerator. Do not freeze it.
この薬(ワーファリン)は血栓を治療したりあらたな血栓を予防する作用があります。この薬は怪我をした時に出血を起こしやすくなります。 This medicine is effective to treat blood clots and prevent new clots from forming in your body. Please be careful that this medicine may lead to excessive bleeding if you get injured.
薬袋の指示どうりに服用してください。またクランベリー製品とは一緒に服用しないでください。 Please follow the directions on your prescription label.Don't take cranberry products with this medicine.
舌の下に錠剤をおいて溶けるまでそのままに。噛んだり、飲み込まないでください。2分以内で胸の痛みが楽になります。 Place a tablet under your tongue until it is dissolved.Don't chew or swallow it.Your chest pain will be relieved within 2 minutes.
この薬を服用してから4時間の間にグレープフルーツを食べないでください。もし一緒に飲むと血圧が下がりすぎます。 Don't take grapefruit juice for 4 hours after taking this medicine.If you take it with grapefruit juice,your blood pressure will become too low.
1回1錠を朝食後に服用してください。この薬はめまいがおきることもあります。飲んでから少なくとも4時間は運転しないでください。 Take one tablet,once a day,after breakfast. This medicine may cause dizziness.Don't drive a car for at least 4 hours after taking this medicine.
この薬を服用してから1ケ月がすぎましたが、血糖値はどうですか。 One month has passed since you took this medication.How is your blood sugar level ?


血糖値 Blood sugar level
尿糖値 Sugar level in the urine
空腹時血糖値 Fasting blood sugar /glucose level
採血する Draw blood
注射の空打ちをする Prime the needle
肥満 Obesity
失明 Blindness
めまい Dizziness
低血圧 Low blood pressure
狭心症 Heart pain angina
心臓発作 Heart attack
心筋梗塞 Myocardial infarction
心不全 Heart failure
コレステロール Cholesterol
糖尿病 Diabetes
透析 Dialysis
痛風 Gout
肝炎 Hepatitis
インシュリン Insulin
黄疸 Jaundice
腎臓 Kidney
肥満 Obesity
副作用 Side effect
圧迫感 Sensation of pressure
動悸 Heart palpitation
息切れ Breathlessness
息苦しさ Difficulty breathing