May I help you?
I would like to have my prescription filled out.
Certainly. Is this your first time here?
No, this is my second time.
Do you have your Japanese health insurance card?
Yes, I do.
Could you show me your card and medical record handbook?
Here you are.
Please fill out this form. This is the medical history to record and check your medications.
I understand.
It will take about 30 minutes. You can wait here or come back later.
I will wait here.
Ok, please have a seat over there. I will call your name when your prescription is ready.
Mrs. Robinson. Thank you for waiting.Here are your insurance card and medical record handbook.
Today you have two kinds of medicine. This is an antibiotic for five days.Did your doctor tell you about this medicine?
Yes, he did.
I see.I explain how to take them.
Take two capsules at a time three times a day after each meal.You have to finish them all.And this is a pain killer. This medicine is the same as last time.Take one tablet as needed.
By the way, why do I need this medical record handbook?
First of all, the charge will be cheaper if you use it. And it is useful when you go on a trip or during disasters.
Oh, I understand.
By the way, Mrs.Robinson may I ask a few questions to complete your medical history?
Yes, of course.
Are you taking any OTC medicine or supplements?
What is OTC?
Over the counter. Something you can buy at the pharmacy without prescription.
I see. Yes, I am taking vitamin E only.
I see. How about your blood pressure recently?
My blood pressure is 130 over 75.
Thank you.Today’s charge is 2,300 yen.
Can I pay with a credit card?
Sorry, we only take cash.
I see. Here is 3,000 yen.
From 3,000 yen. Here is your change.Please take care.
I will call your doctor to prescribe additional medicine for your stomach.
It will take for a while. Please have a seat over there.
I see. Thank you.
Jones san, your doctor has prescribed the medicine for your stomach for 7 days.
Thank you.
We will fill it later. Today we have many outpatients.I am afraid it will take time. Would you wait here or come back later?
I will wait here.
I see. Please have a seat over there. I will call your name when it is ready.
What does “ after meals” mean?
It means about 30 minutes after each meal.
Can you fill this prescription?
Is this your first time here?
Maybe this is my second time.
I see. This is the first time this month.
So, please show me your insurance card and medical record handbook.
This is the same as before.
((処方された薬がいつもと同じ薬の場合) いつもと同じです。)
If you wish we can give you a generic medicine which is much cheaper than brand name. But generic medicine has the same quality.
((ジェネリック薬を薦める場合) もしお望みでしたら、一般薬より安くしかも品質が同じであるジェネリックをお出しできます。)


お薬が用意できましたら、掲示板に番号が出ます。 When your prescription is ready, your number will be displayed on the board.
この薬は現在在庫切れですが、来週月曜日に入荷します。 This medicine is not in stock, but we will have a new delivery next Monday.
申し訳ありませんが、この処方箋は期限切れです。もしこの薬が必要であればもう一度受診してください。 I am sorry, but this prescription is expired. If you need this medicine, please see a doctor again.
日本の法律によって、あなたの処方箋は発行日を含めて4日間だけ有効です。 By law, your prescription is valid for four days only including day of issue.
もし同じお薬が必要であれば再度受診してください。 If you need same medicine, please see a doctor once again.
担当医に連絡してみます。 We can call your doctor for you.
もしokが出れば、この処方箋で可能です。 If he says ok, you can use this prescription.
もしnoであれば再度受診しなければなりません。 If he says no, then you have to see him again.
少々時間がかかりますので、とりあえずお帰りください。 It will take some time, so please go back first.
先生からの返答がありましたらご連絡いたします。 I’ll call you after I get the answer.
調剤する前にいくらぐらいかかるか知りたいのですが。 Before you fill this prescription, I want to know how much it will be?
わかりました。まず調べてみます。少しお待ちいただけますか? I see. We will check it on the computer first.Could you wait for a moment?
ありがとうございます。 Thank you.
お待たせしました。3,450円になりそうです。このままお薬をお出ししますか? Thank you for waiting. Your prescription will cost 3,450 yen.Would you like us to fill your prescription?
お願いします。 Please go ahead.
承知しました。ではおかけになってお待ちください。準備できましたらお呼びいたします。 Thank you. Please have a seat over there. We will call your name when it is ready.
今日のお薬はこれで全部です。 That’s all for today.
本日、日本の保険証をお忘れでしたら全額自己負担になります。 If you didn’t bring your Japanese insurance card today, you have to pay full cost.
しかし次回に持参していただければ、本日の7割分をお返しいたします。 But when you bring it on your next visit, we will pay you back 70% of this total cost.
前回と同じお薬です。 These medicines are the same as before.
いつもと同じお薬です。 These medicines are the same as always.


診断 Diagnosis
お薬手帳 Medical record handbook
処方箋 Prescription